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The Association of Independent Directors of India (AIDI) was officially incorporated on October 1,2014 as a Trust under the Indian Trust Act 1882. It has been set up primarily to advance corporate governance in India by establishing a professional forum and network for directors and managers within the public and private sectors.

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Corporate Governance is a value-based approach which ensures that there are rules, practice and processes in place through which a company is directed or controlled. This framework essentially involves balancing the interestsRead More...
By : GK Sinha | Mar 28, 2018

The Exigencies of Stakeholders in a Company

It is well known although not well understood that stakeholders are the most indispensable part of  a company’s functioning. They drive the wheels of a company’s performance by investing in shares, stocks,Read More...
By : GK Sinha | Feb 1, 2018

Risk Management: An evidence of value preservation

The global economic meltdown in 2008 made it imperative for corporate sectors across the world to accept the fact that we can no longer afford to be passive observers. The fast-paced andRead More...
By : GK Sinha | Jan 25, 2018

Women on Board: A Strategic Advantage

The significance of gender diversity in boardrooms has, over the years, amassed extensive attention. Many organizations and research groups including IMF, MSCI, Catalyst, have established through their research initiatives the importance ofRead More...
By : GK Sinha | Jan 22, 2018

The Money Leash : Interpreting Directorial Independence

The Independent Directors’ fraternity in India has taken a centre stage in public discourse with respect to their remuneration. Impeded by uncertainties such as: what exactly is their incentive to work forRead More...
By : GK Sinha | Jan 18, 2018

Eliminating gaps in the Definition and Appointment of Independent Directors

Fоr Іndependent Dіreсtоrs tо play an effeсtіve rоle іn the prоteсtіоn оf іnterests оf the mіnоrіty sharehоlders, the key іssue іs hоw іndependently they сan aсt when sіtuatіоn arіses. Іn part, thatRead More...
By : GK Sinha | Jan 10, 2018

Role & Responsibilities – Independent Director’s Perspectives

The demand for dynamic, visionary & futuristic board members has increased substantially in India and so has the need for proper training to equip them to cope up with the rigorous competition.Read More...
By : GK Sinha | Dec 26, 2017

Criminal Liabilities of Independent Directors

The sсоpe оf a dіreсtоr’s dutіes and persоnal lіabіlіty (сіvіl and сrіmіnal) tоwards the соmpany, sharehоlders and thіrd partіes have been equіvalently fastened оn all dіreсtоrs, іnсludіng Іndependent Dіreсtоrs under varіоus statutes.Read More...
By : GK Sinha | Dec 5, 2017